Zozefina or a couple of things we know about her

An ongoing project that consists of short movies and live performances that approaches through multiple aspects Franz Kafka's novel Josephine the Songstress or the mouse folk. In this semi-essayistic novel written a century ago, Kafka questions the social role of the artist and of culture, through sociological, political and psychographic perspectives.
In these video and performance series, the audience is invited to follow the appearances of Zozefina and to construct her avatar through the fragments she offers them each time. Turning from a humble persona to an elitist diva, being different but not exceptional, Zozefina dwells in the public space of Athens, in artists' studios, in cultural spaces, re-enacting Josephine the songstress in a contemporary world.

Zozefina or a couple of things we know about her | videos, performances, variable dimensions, various media, 2014 - 
Presentations: Dialogue #9: Work, Centre for Visual & Applied Arts, Pallini, Athens 2015; Photo Expo Leuk 2015; Weasel Dance, Goethe Institut Athens 2019
Link to videos: https://vimeo.com/showcase/6823948