Undocumented documentations: on narratives, lessons and copyrights

The film Undocumented documentations _on narratives, lessons and copyrights is the outcome of a two year long, collective and interdisciplinary research project, between artists and social scientists, called Learning from Documenta. It was made in collaborationwith the artist Eva Giannakopoulou and is mainly produced with the visual material that we collected during our fieldwork, from September 2016 (the launch of documenta 14’s Public Program) until the end of the exhibition in Athens, in June 2017.
In its fragmented and double-sided perspective, this video essay detects and highlights those points that intrigued, motivated and attracted the artists, while critically observing the processes and the events of the Learning from Athens and Learning from Documenta projects. Its approach departs from observational cinema methods, since we attempted to interpret -either through poetic or pragmatic connotations- the visible and invisible incidents of such theoretical, curatorial and artistic expressions.

Undocumented Documentations: on narratives, lessons and copyrights | 18 mins double channel HD video, 2017 in collaboration with Eva Giannakopoulou
Screenings: Learning from Documenta, Polytechnic School of Athens, 2017; City in Pieces (public program), Okto, Athens, 2019