A Tour of the Monuments of the Corinth Canal

A video, made in collaboration with Stefania Strouza, that features two different tours, one realized by Campus Novel at the Isthmus of Corinth in September 2021 and one recorded by Robert Smithson in Passaic, New Jersey in September 1967. Using Smithson's text we focus on passages in which entropy is presented as a structural component of the process by which infrastructure is transformed into potential monuments. The work, reformulating selected excerpts in combination with archival and current visual material from the area of Isthmus, renegotiates the experiential mapping of the landscape through multiple subjectivities.

A Tour of the monuments of the Corinth Canal | video, 11:35 min, HD video, color, stereo sound, 2022 | in collaboration with Stefania Strouza
Screenings: ad interim: Tracing relativities from monument to territory , organized by Campus Novel and Modal Public Heritage Lab, TAVROS, Athens