Sleeping City

A fictional short story about a city turning into a dormitory. The everyday activities disappearin this city, where the visitors (sleepers) arrive to sleep, and the inhabitants stay awake, inorder to work in the dormitory. When, for various reasons, everyone loses their sleep,emerges confusion about the city’s function and identity. The visual narrative of the videoconsists of images, relevant to the rapid expansion of the tourist activity in Athens: thedocumentation of façades in the city center, and of buildings turning into hotels, archivalmaterial from the Hellenic Literary & Historical Archive (E.L.I.A.), advertising spots of theNational Tourism Organization (E.O.T.), articles, and video performances.

Sleeping City | HD video, 10:16, color, stereo sound, 2023
Screenings: Registered Time (a screening program in the public space of Athens), 2023; I heard them singing in the mountains (collective performance in Kairi Arcade, Athens), 2023
The first version of Sleeping City was made for the performance I heard them Singing In The Mountains, curated by Eva Vaslamatzi, and supported by NEON Culture and Development Organization.