Part of art

Part of art is an in situ multimedia installation made for the exhibition Ideology Meets Implementation, in collaboration with the artist and graphic designer Joseph Hughes. It was designed for the façade of W139 in Amsterdam, giving view to one of the city’s most touristic streets.
How to shift the function of the windows in Amsterdam? How to stimulate the overwhelmed, from the visually saturated landscape, passer-by / tourist? How to suggest that this exhibition is not another site of consumption, but a site that seeks to engage its audience in an activating experience? The installation was structured around these questions, leading to a real-time live-streaming of the public space outside the gallery, that generated an interaction with the passers-by and captured their gaze. The camera-to-screen feedback, projecting on the window the actual street scene, was merged with a shifting artificial layer related to the exhibition, that included quotes and pictures suggested by the participant artists. 
In order to highlight the collective process through which this exhibition came into form, the installation also functioned as a display board, incorporating images and texts from the exhibited artworks and announcements of the public program.

Part of art | in situ multimedia installation (live streaming camera, LCD screen, prints, wood), 2017
Made for the group show Ideology Meets Implementation, in W139, Amsterdam