A receptionist, a waitress and a chambermaid work during the summer season in Hotel Luxenia. One day, towards the end of the season, they pause for a while, and their pause interrupts their automated, everyday routine. A radio show narrates the cultural history of the pineapple - transformed from a colony trophy to a symbol of hospitality to a commodity - and the transmission of an online seminar for the hotel's employees speaks the language of commodified sociability. Luxenia is about the staged image and the backstage contradictions of the so-called hospitality industry.
With: Sabrina Brodescu, Anous Bogosian, Natasha Sarantopoulou
And the voices of: Dana Papachristou, George Samantas, Maria Juliana Byck
Direction / Script / Editing: Dimitra Kondylatou
Cinematography: Konstantina Gorgogianni
Sound: Giotis Paraskevaidis
Color grading: Aggelos Mantzios
Original music: Anna vs june

LUXENIA | 4K, stereo, (& DCP 5.1), 24fps, 2.39:1, 00:10:04, 2021
Screenings: Drama International Short Film Festival, 2021; Athens International Film Festival, 2021; FLIGHT - Mostra Internationale del Cinema, 2021