Large voices in a small room

The materialisation of this multimedia project lasted for a month. It involved the artist's daily presence in the former community office of Alexandros, a tiny sparsely populated village, located on the mountains of Lefkada. The building, having been community office, care centre, school and residence, was finally being used as a voting centre for 25 people. In there existed abandoned the community archive from 1945 to 1972. 1980's was the beginning of the village's decadence, as tourism and urbanisation led its residents closer to the sea and eventually caused the total evacuation of the village. The building itself, together with the archive and all the objects it included, rested peaceful under tons of dust and mould in a time capsule and thus held imprinted on them multi-layered patterns of time. The artist attempted to capture them and she performed a sensorial reorganisation of the space and the archive within it.
One year after the project, the local Association restored the building and used for their assemblies. The archive remains abandoned in big plastic bags. 

Large voices in a small room | video installation, videos, collected dust & mould, photos, photocopies, variable dimensions, 2011
Presentations: Re-editing History & Memory, Action Field Kodra, 2011; Large voice in a small room, Alexandros, 2014