In the shade of the season

Tonight, after making a pie for tomorrow's breakfast and while I was preparing a meze for A. who wanted to chat with me in the yard while drinking his wine, I went to the basement to do the French family's laundry, I gave negative replies to three phone calls for last-minute reservations, I welcomed a new arrival, I wen to the southwest room to repair a brokem window net and I turned on the lights until the cats entered the guesthouse because they were hungry. I hashed to get them out and away from the tables to serve A. his meze.   --  extract from the "Kiafa Diaries", written on August 14th 2016  --
Tourist accommodations, paid hospitality.
Simulations of domestic spaces, more and less familiar, traditional,modern, comfortable, clean, dirty, big, small than our rooms.
Women in their posts.
Eyes scanning the space. They look automatically and exhaustively through the window nets, the holes, the walls. They see beyond what can be seen; the dust molecules swinging and sitting on the ornaments, inside and outside the furniture. Hands - always ready to dust them off - touch beyond what can be touched. Dead DNA cells in fallen hair, in body fluids, on the sheet, the floor, the bathroom's porcelains. Ears that hear more than what can be heard, like the voice asking or ordering the replacement of the towel thrown on the floor. Sensory organs and senses in full function. They filter dirt, cleanliness, order, disorder, familiarity, proximity, intimacy, distance, awkwardness.
To keep everything in place.

In the shade of the season | video essay, 22:57 min, HD video, color, stereo sound, 2021
Screenings: DE-TOURISM. A conversation held by EMST in the context of the public programme of the Italian Pavilion of the 59th Venice Biennale; Waste/d, State of Concept, Athens, 2022; Routes in Marpissa, Paros, 2021; Foreign Vessels, Byzantine and Postbyzantine Collection of Chania, Crete, 2021;