Hospitality: militant zone

A double-sided mural in a short-term rental flat, revolving around the polemics and poetics of (commodified) hospitality in Athens.
The mural depicts a fragmented narrative around the area where the flat is located, that includes copies of cultural symbols, local modernist interventions, old urban maps and corporate graphics. The plots of land where now stand the Hilton Athens and the National Gallery used to host until the 1950s the Office of War Material. The whole area belonged to the National Army and was covered with military infrastructures. This discovery, as well as questions on the agency of the airbnb in contemporary Athens, revive the perception of hospitality and art as fields of conflict, negotiation and potentiality.

Hospitality: militant zone | mural, acrylics on wall, 1.00 x 1.70 cm, 2017