Fonés is a group of visual artists and social scientists exploring the multiple ways in which sounds produced by living bodies are transformed into matter for thought and art making. We explore ‘voice’ as ‘a means’ through which social relationships are constituted and acquire meaning. But we are also interested in voice itself and not solely in ‘the messages’ it transmits or ‘the codes’ it uses. We are exploring the materiality of voice as a sound phenomenon, its sensory and aesthetic qualities, its connection to the body that produces it and its detachment from it, the ways it is shaped through techniques and technologies and the ways it defines multiple socio-cultural and ‘natural’ environments. 

Presentations / events: Embros theatre, Athens, 2011, 2012; Broadway theatre, Athens 2013; Camp, Athens 2014
Coordination: Elpida Rikou
Members: N. Bairaktari, N. Bubaris, P. Charalambous, D. Kondylatou, P. Panopoulos, N. Pappa, Th. Raftopoulou, E. Rikou, G. Samantas, P. Sklavenitis, Z. Xagoraris, E. Yalouri