Alternate Paths

A workshop organised during the 8th Syros International Film Festival edition, on the site of Lazareta.
The current Covid-19 pandemic and its resultant precautionary measures, their direct link to travel and their impact on movement and tourism, find a historical precedent in the lazaretto, the first organised quarantine facilities for travellers and goods, initially established in the 15th century Venice. The historic lazaretto at Syros and its general neighbourhood, now known as 'Lazareta' on the island, were the central site from which to consider historical, geopolitical, theoretical and experiential approaches of space, travel and health management, across different times. The workshop was structured around a walking session, during which information were disseminated to the group. The participants made short narratives about the site, while reflecting on contemporary confinement.
The material gathered during the research for and the process of the workshop, will be the basis for a moving-image project that will be presented at SIFF in July 2021.

Alternate Paths | workshop, 2020
photo credits: Myrto Tzima