Through navigation, our westernized sense of perspective has established a common horizon, simplifying islands as visual spots at the surface of the sea. Islands are not exotic entities alone in the sea waters. Islands remain interconnected with the mainland and each other, from the top of the mountains to the hidden topographies of the sea bed: a myriad of creatures and non-organic matter which lives in constant symbiosis with water; tectonic plates, fossil fuel pipes, and data cables.
kyklà is a small imprint, producing a series of texts resonating with phenomena in the Aegean Archipelago. kyklà is a book project driven by a trans-disciplinary team exploring critical and experimental positions in writing. With each volume in this series, we are slowly forming a catalogue of liquid forms of modernity: corporeal bodies – historical and actual, real, and imaginative. team 2020:
Juan Duque, Hulya Ertas, Dimitra Kondylatou, Nicolas Lakiotakis and Denis Maksimov, Costas Kalogeropoulos with Roland Brauchli (design), Foteini Salv (social media coordinator) Alan Wainwright (photography) and Dimitris Katsanis (website)
series direction: 
David Bergé The first series of kyklà is available in selected bookstores since December 2020.